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Landfill Location and Operating Hours

NJDEP Homeowner and Small Hauler Regulations Enforced for Customers of the Cumberland County Landfill at the Solid Waste Complex

Solid Waste Complex

by The Authority

MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY (February 3, 2022) – The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) has stepped up its efforts to ensure homeowners, small haulers, and commercial haulers transport solid waste in an environmentally sound and legal manner.  The Authority supports this effort by monitoring residents and businesses who dispose of solid waste at the Cumberland County Landfill at the Solid Waste Complex on Jesse Bridge Road in Rosenhayn.

Listed here are the regulations set by the NJDEP regarding weight limits, passenger vehicles, exemptions, commercial vehicles, and registration requirements.



The NJDEP allows homeowners to transport solid waste that was generated at their homes in a passenger plated vehicle which has a gross weight (vehicle plus solid waste) of less than 9,000 pounds.  If towing a trailer with solid waste, the gross weight (vehicle plus trailer plus solid waste) is up to 16,000 pounds.  Any customer who exceeds these limits must be rejected by the landfill.

As New Jersey motor vehicle regulations do not allow passenger plated vehicles to be marked and perform commercial work, the NJDEP does not register passenger plated vehicles.  For this reason, these vehicles must also be rejected by the landfill.

Homeowners who rent commercial vehicles, such as Home Depot or U-Haul trailers, should be aware that such commercial rentals are considered the same as a truck/trailer that is registered for commercial use and subject to NJDEP hauler regulations.  The Authority recommends homeowners seek other options before spending time and money in renting a commercial vehicle for the transportation of waste to the facility as these too must be rejected by the landfill.  “We here at The Authority understand and empathize with the frustration that our customers experience when turned away at the scale,” states Anthony Riviera, Managing Director.  “As a NJ landfill, we are required to strictly follow regulations set by the NJDEP to operate according to its restrictions and laws.”



Small haulers are defined by NJDEP as anyone transporting solid waste generated by themselves at a work site that is not their home, such as contractors, roofers, and landscapers.  This is hauling waste they created themselves and they do not haul waste as the primary function of their operation.

While they don’t need to become commercially licensed, the NJDEP requires small haulers to register their vehicles (trucks and trailers) with NJDEP as “exempt” haulers and obtain NJDEP solid waste vehicle decals.  They do not receive a NJDEP license – only the decal.  The double cross-hatched/stiped A-901 EXEMPT Solid Waste decal must be displayed on each vehicle (truck and trailer) that transports solid waste.



The NJDEP defines a hauler as anyone transporting solid waste generated by someone else, such as large commercial haulers, contractors hauling waste for others, mattress/bedding removal, commercial basement cleanouts or estate buyouts, and furniture dealers doing removal/disposal.

Because these people haul waste that they do not generate themselves, they must receive a NJDEP license.  The NJDEP has strict and thorough regulations for these entities to be licensed.  Once licensed, the hauler must have a solid-colored A-901 LICENSED Solid Waste decal displayed on each vehicle that transports solid waste.

The NJDEP and county health departments are actively pursuing those that seek to circumvent the state’s regulations by hauling waste in unregistered vehicles or by unlicensed companies, enforcing this with penalties and loss of license.  Accordingly, by law, The Authority must reject any load that fails to comply with the NJDEP regulations and conditions to remain compliant with our solid waste facility permit.


For more information, please contact Karen Hines, Senior Scalemaster, at 856-825-3700 X2100 or [email protected].  You may also contact the NJDEP Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste Licensing and Registration Unit at 609-292-7081 or

In addition to its environmental related initiatives, The Authority is responsible for the development, financing and project management of projects and programs most vital to sustaining the economic and environmental future of Cumberland County and the state of New Jersey. The Authority works in tandem with the Cumberland County Board of Chosen County Commissioners to foster greater economic growth, business development and quality of life for all Cumberland County residents.

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