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Regular Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting – June 26, 2024 – 4:00pm

Board Meeting will be in person and TEAMS.

Call in:  +1 773 917 3399, 560 275 821#

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Signature Program

Signature Program


In 2001, then President Kenneth Ender, together with community leaders, launched Leadership Cumberland County as a community program sponsored by Cumberland County College.  Dr. Ender envisioned a program that would support personal leadership development while increasing community awareness.  The ultimate goal of the program…….engaging residents as change agents for a better Cumberland County.

Over twenty years later, Leadership Cumberland County continues to unite diverse leaders from across geographic lines, to learn about assets and challenges, and to meet the officials and institutions that can effect change.  The program provides access to leaders and organizations while discussing topics as they relate to the community.  Interactive program days are combined with site visits to provide a better understanding of the community.  You get an insiders look at our community and the opportunity to change awareness into action.

Program Outline

Leadership Cumberland County is a 9 month program, requiring one day a month after an initial two day retreat.  The program begins with an informal meet and greet to introduce the class to the program and each other.  At the end of September, the program officially begins with a two day retreat at The Authority Training Center, in Deerfield Township. Day One of the retreat is centered on personal leadership development, while Day Two focuses on awareness of the county’s assets and challenges.  The class is randomly divided into teams of 3, and over the course of the next several months, each team designs a learning day around the following topics:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Health and Human Services
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Environment and Energy
  • Cultural Diversity and Tourism

Each learning day team can design a day of travel across the county to “teach” the class about the topic.  Midday the class regroups over lunch to discuss the day and leadership lessons.  Invariably, even lifelong residents of Cumberland County learn of programs, places, and people they have not previously known.

During the program year several workshops are help based on the “DiSC” learning tool.  Professional consultants guide the class in understanding communication styles, emotional intelligence, and the latest leadership concepts.

The program concludes with a beautiful graduation ceremony, including diplomas identifying class members as Leadership Cumberland County graduates and part of the 350+ program alumni.  The class forms the basis for a new professional network that extends to LCC alumni and leaders and officials met during the learning days and retreat.

The tuition for the program has remained $700 since its inception.  Additional costs are covered by our generous sponsors and private donations.  Tuition may be paid by an employer, a sponsoring organization, or the participant.

In general, the program runs from early Sept. to mid- May.  Applications for each new class are posted in July.

Program Benefits

Individual Benefits:

  • Professional development to advance your career
  • Self confidence through development of leadership skills
  • Deeper understanding of local businesses, government, education
  • Expanded professional network
  • Impact in your community


Business/Organizational Benefit

  • Nurture future leaders
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Strengthen involvement in community affairs
  • Public recognition of community involvement


Selection Criteria:

Leadership Cumberland County is open to individuals living or working in Cumberland County who demonstrate:

  • The ability to achieve personal goals
  • Availability of time and resources to make a firm commitment
  • A personal commitment to the Cumberland County community


Participant Expectations:

Participants are expected to make a solid commitment to the program, attending at least 80% of the six monthly session (Nov – May).  Our two-day retreat in September is mandatory.  In addition each class will have either an action project to improve Cumberland County or team up with a local nonprofit to make an impact.  A willingness to support Leadership Cumberland County through time, talent, and treasure and referral of future candidates for the benefit of our community is also expected.