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Regular Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting – October 26, 2022 4:00 PM
Board Meeting will be in person and TEAMS.

Call in 

+1 347-566-2745,,140950871#

Phone Conference ID: 140 950 871#

Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding 2022

Landfill Location and Operating Hours


Staff members at the Authority are available to provide information and assistance. A directory of key staff members is provided below. If you require general assistance or would like guidance on the appropriate staff person to contact, please call the Main Office at 856-825-3700. 

*Exercises day-to-day supervision or management over some or all of the operations at the Authority.


Gerard Velazquez, III*


Call Gerard Velazquez, III* at 856-825-3700 x1150

Heidi Grieff*

Executive Assistant

Call Heidi Grieff* at 856-825-3700 x1150

Janet Heck*

Vice President,
Human Resources

Call Janet Heck* at 856-825-3700 x1280

Fax Janet Heck* at 856-221-3939

Accounting / Finance

Mary Triboletti*

Senior Vice President,

Call Mary Triboletti* at 856-825-3700 x1320

Lauren Wurster*

Senior Accountant

Call Lauren Wurster* at 856-825-3700 x1290

Jenny Dolbow

Accounting Coordinator

Call Jenny Dolbow at 856-825-3700 x1250

Renee Apel

Accounting Coordinator/Accounts Payable

Call Renee Apel at 856-825-3700 x1260

Bruce Bader

Accounting/Accounts Receivable

Call Bruce Bader at 856-825-3700 x1230

Construction Management

Ryan Feaster

Senior Vice President,
Construction Management

Call Ryan Feaster at 856-825-3700 x1406

Brian Nardone

Senior Vice President,
Construction Management

Call Brian Nardone at 856-825-3700 x1402

Mort Isaacson

Senior Vice President,
Construction Management

Call Mort Isaacson at 856-825-3700 x1404

Jerry Harlacker, Jr.

Senior Vice President,
Construction Management

Call Jerry Harlacker, Jr. at 856-825-3700 x1401

Bruce Turner

Construction Manager

Call Bruce Turner at 856-825-3700 x1405

Joe Camarota

Construction Manager

Call Joe Camarota at 856-825-3700 x1403

Economic Development

Kim Ayres

Senior Vice President,
Economic Development

Call Kim Ayres at 856-825-3700 x1233

Facilities Services

Joe Grieff*

Operations Manager,
Facilities Services

Call Joe Grieff* at 856-691-8600 x1429

Frank Iannuzzi*

Custodial Supervisor

Call Frank Iannuzzi* at 856-691-8600 x1254

Stephanie Shelton*

Facilities Coordinator

Call Stephanie Shelton* at 856-691-8600 x1402

Solid Waste Complex

Nick Pacitto*

Solid Waste Program Director

Call Nick Pacitto* at 856-825-3700 x1240

Anthony Riviera, III*

Managing Director,
Landfill Operations

Call Anthony Riviera, III* at 856-825-3700 x2010

Sal DeFrancisco*

Assistant Director,
Landfill Operations and Safety

Call Sal DeFrancisco* at 856-825-3700 x2020

Ben Boardley*

Manager, Water Treatment Operations

Call Ben Boardley* at 856-825-3700 x2200

Karen Hines

Senior Scalemaster

Call Karen Hines at 856-825-3700 x2100

Nathan Farrell

Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Coordinator

Call Nathan Farrell at 856-825-3700 x2300

Samantha DeFrancisco

Cumberland County Recycling and Clean Communities Coordinator

Call Samantha DeFrancisco at 856-825-3700 x1270