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Regular Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting – April 24, 2024 – 4:00pm

Board Meeting will be in person and TEAMS.

Call in:  +1 773 917 3399, 560 275 821#

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The Authority maintains a large amount of data on the demographic and economic conditions of Cumberland County. In addition to the information presented here, the Cumberland County Government webpage has an abundance of census information, as well as the U.S. Census Bureau. The County Planning Department also maintains a comprehensive data book that is updated annually.

Community Profile

Cumberland County has a strong heritage of industrial development. Today, industrial partners are essential to a growing and successful economy on a local, regional and national level. Local and name brand products are warehoused and shipped throughout Cumberland Country as well as internationally. The county’s manufacturing base, about 10% of the workforce, has enabled this region to be productive even during the COVID-19 disruption.

Manufacturing is primarily concentrated within the glass industry and food processing industry. Both industries have adapted processes and production to advanced manufacturing technologies.

Cumberland County continues to expand its industrial and advanced manufacturing base through six basic industry clusters. In addition to manufacturing, the county is New Jersey’s most productive agricultural region, with 70,000 acres of farmland accounting for nearly 20% of the entire state agricultural market value. In state production, Cumberland County ranks #1 in vegetables, melons, and potatoes.

Welcome to Cumberland County, NJ

Welcome to Cumberland County, NJ 6:09

Explore all that Cumberland County, NJ has to offer!

Welcome to Cumberland County, NJ 6:09

Explore all that Cumberland County, NJ has to offer!

Cumberland County Stats

  • 50 Miles of bayshore coastline
  • 70K Acres of farmland
  • 9 Nationally recognized universities within one hour distance
  • 64M People within an 8 hour drive

Local Employment

Majority of communities have surplus workforce.

Employment Trend and Forecast

Jobs are on the rise.

Median Wage by Industry

The median wage by industry has consistently risen over the years.

Key Industries

Jobs in key industries in Cumberland County, including government, healthcare, and manufacturing, are rising faster than the national average.

Unemployment Trend

Unemployment levels are dropping as postings are increasing.

Job Postings Trend

An indicator of recovery as employers seek new employees.

Manufacturing Job Postings Trend

Similar to the Job Postings Trend above, but specifically for new manufacturing jobs.

Agriculture Job Postings Trend

Similar to the Job Postings Trend above, but specifically for new agriculture jobs.

Health Care Job Postings Trend

Similar to the Job Postings Trend above, but specifically for new health care jobs.

Major Industries

Economic growth in Cumberland County has historically been fueled by the manufacturing sector. The county continues to have a higher-than-average percentage of its workforce in this sector, although the types of industry has expanded in recent years. Glass manufacturing and food processing are the leading employers within manufacturing. The integration of technology has automated these industries to a level in which they are now considered to be advanced manufacturing facilities. Food technology is becoming a subset of manufacturing, with the Food Innovation Center and the Food Specialization Center located in Bridgeton.

Like most of the state and country, the health care sector is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in Cumberland County.  It is also one of the highest paying sectors in the county. Inspira Health Network is the largest employer in Cumberland County and one of the most innovative institutions in the region.

Agriculture continues to be an extremely productive sector of the economy. There are over 70,000 acres of active agricultural land in the county and Cumberland leads the state in the value of agricultural products. Cumberland County crops account for 20% of the state’s agricultural market value.

Viniculture is quickly developing into a niche within the agricultural and cultural tourism sector. The wineries cite the county’s sandy soil, level topography, optimum climate and accessibility to markets as reasons for their initial success

The manufacturing and agricultural sectors create strong markets for the logistics and warehousing sectors.


Espoma Fertilizer Plant – international products



Economic Development Strategic Plan 2020–2030

In 2020, The Authority led business and community stakeholders in the creation of a new Economic Development Strategic Plan. The new plan envisions a resilient economic base enhanced by technology and the integration of innovation across all sectors. Innovation and inventive thinking are the lifeblood of any healthy economy. Though this plan, Cumberland County identifies ways it can transition its economy to a 21st century paradigm that molds our economy into a competitive position.


Economic Impact Statistics 2015-2022

Economic Impact Summary

The Authority was directly involved in 26 projects during the five-year period that 2015–2020. These 26 projects represented total project costs of $279.6 million. With 3,292 jobs created, the total economic impact of these projects in the region was $615.3 million. The Authority through project coordination, financing and construction management has been an economic catalyst, providing significant investment and job creation.

Throughout 2021 and 2022, The Authority was involved in an additional 28 projects, which represented a total investment of $169 million, over 2,000 new jobs, and an estimated economic impact of $291.5 million.

These projects represent a cumulative total of 54 projects, in which there was $448.7 million in investment, over 6,000 jobs created, and approximately $907 million of economic impact.

  • $448.7M Invested
  • 6000 Total Jobs
  • $906.8M Total Impact of Projects

Economic Resources

For a comprehensive overview of Cumberland County’s economic assets, please see the Economic Resource Guide. This guide provides information on the county’s location, markets, quality of life, workforce development and financial incentives.