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Regular Board Meeting Information

Board Meeting – June 26, 2024 – 4:00pm

Board Meeting will be in person and TEAMS.

Call in:  +1 773 917 3399, 560 275 821#

Landfill Location and Operating Hours

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous Waste Disposal

2024 Dates
April 13, June 15, September 14
8:00 am to 2:00 pm

Household hazardous waste is toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive materials. Proper disposal is imperative for a clean environment and to avoid illnesses. Hazardous waste should only be disposed at Household Hazardous Waste events. Document shredding is important for personal records and financial documents that should be destroyed appropriately to prevent identity theft.

The Authority, in association with the City of Millville, the Landis Sewerage Authority and the Cumberland County Utilities Authority, holds three Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding events a year – April, June, and September. These events offer Cumberland County residents the opportunity to properly disposal of materials such as motor oil, antifreeze, oil-based paints, and other hazardous waste items. It also provides Cumberland County residents free document shredding for their personal records and financial documents.

This service is restricted to Cumberland County residents only and is free of charge. Proper ID is required at registration. Businesses (including home-based businesses), institutions, non-profits and non-county residents are not eligible for participation in these events and should contact appropriate companies for hazardous waste disposal and document shredding.

The following participate in The Authority’s events:

Clean Harbors

Radiac Environmental Services

Polar Shredding

What is Not Accepted?

Freon, CFCs/refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers, brush and branches, tires, concrete and wood are not accepted at these events. Residents can properly dispose of them at the Solid Waste Complex for a fee. Also not accepted is latex paint as it is water-based and non-hazardous. To properly dispose of it add in and stir clay-based kitty litter or Speedy Dry so the can is ¾ full. Allow the paint/kitty litter or Speedy Dry mixture to dry until it is no longer pourable. Replace the lid and dispose of the paint can with household trash.