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Board Meeting – March 27, 2024 – 4:00pm

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City of Bridgeton, CCIA Announce Major Downtown Renovation Project

Economic Development

by The Authority

Bridgeton and Cumberland County officials held a press conference announcing a major renovation and new construction project at 14–16 Laurel Street in downtown Bridgeton. The building, when completed, will be a two-story multi-tenant office building spanning 30,000 square feet.

An existing two-story building at the Laurel Street site covering 4,000 square feet will be renovated with 26,000 square feet of new construction to be added. The building will bridge over what was Church Lane, which will no longer be utilized for vehicular traffic, but instead will serve as a covered pedestrian walkway linking the North Laurel Street building with the Pearl Street building.



The existing building is located within the historic district and is therefore sensitive to its surroundings, portions of which will be historically preserved. New parking areas will be provided along North Laurel Street, providing access for both staff and visitors.

City of Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly stated, “Over the last couple of decades, Bridgeton’s downtown  has been impacted by everything from the growth of online retail to fires that have left us with several vacant lots. Clearing those lots and repurposing the space with a new facility to host the County Clerk, along with other tenants, certainly fits with Bridgeton’s role as the County seat and serves as an important step in our efforts to revitalize our downtown. This project will support other positive changes happening in the Central Business District and we appreciate our County partners and the investments they have made in the Bridgeton community.”

Cumberland County Freeholder Director, Joe Derella, noted, “The County is proud to be a partner in this project with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority and CompleteCare. Not only will we be able to provide a brand new state of the art facility for our County Clerk and the citizens of Cumberland County, but we will also be creating a beautiful new building and outdoor space that will be an asset to the Great City of Bridgeton”.

CCIA President and CEO Gerard Velazquez III stated, “The CCIA and City of Bridgeton officials and staff are working well together in coordinating this major renovation and new construction project that will be fully leased upon completion. We are looking at the start of the renovation and construction in the spring of 2019.” He continued, “The Improvement Authority continues to partner with the various municipalities in the County making for economic development projects that benefit all.”

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