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Allied Specialty Foods Remains and Expands in Cumberland County

Economic Development

by The Authority

Allied Specialty Foods announced recently that it would invest more than $14 million in a 75,000 square foot facility located at 1575 West Forrest Grove Road in Vineland’s Industrial Park.  This expansion is expected to add another 70 jobs to the company’s 130 current employees. Paul Litten, President and Chief Operating Officer for the company, said, “The new and larger facility will become the headquarters and total operating plant for our company.”

Litten said the new facility will enable the company to expand its “Individual Quick or Flash Freeze” manufacturing operations and also allow for added cold and frozen storage space.  “We have already started purchasing new equipment for our expansion efforts, which is in addition to the $14 million investment,” stated Litten.

New offices will occupy about 8,000 square feet of the 75,000 square foot building with manufacturing and storage operations consuming the rest. According to Litten, the company’s current Vineland facility has reached maximum capacity. “Once we are up and running in the new facility, we expect to be the number one steak sandwich supplier in the country,” reported Litten.

Allied Specialty Food’s decision to permanently locate its offices and operations in Cumberland County comes after deliberations to move elsewhere.  “We were initially considering other locations within and outside of state,” Litten explained.  “However, Cumberland County Improvement Authority (CCIA) officials came to us and presented several great options and incentives including the GROW NJ tax program. These financial tax breaks and incentives convinced us to stay in Cumberland County and we were glad to be able to make a decision to remain here.”

CCIA Economic Development Director Jim Watson summarized, “We have been working with Paul Litten and his staff, along with the City of Vineland’s Economic Development office for over a year.  After considerable efforts by both teams to make this work, it’s wonderful to see this major expansion moving forward.” The CCIA was instrumental in identifying the proper facility for Allied to expand and enhance its operations in Cumberland County so that they could acquire “organic food” and “all natural” food processing capabilities and certification.

Vineland’s Director of Economic Development Sandy Forosisky reported.

We are pleased that Allied Specialty Foods is staying in Vineland, and even more pleased that they are expanding operations plus adding more jobs. This is a great way to start off the new year.

Vineland’s City Council President Anthony Fanucci stated, “Keeping Allied Specialty Foods here is the finest example to date of the City of Vineland’s execution of economic retention, which is so instrumental in our economic growth. We are pleased with the shared services with the Cumberland County Improvement Authority, and greatly appreciate their cooperation.”

Allied Specialty Foods Vice President Darren Buseman noted, “We will begin the initial hiring process soon, and expect most new employees to be residents of Cumberland County.”

Drawings for the new facility build out are being finalized with permitting expected to begin in the next few weeks.  Litten estimates that the general contractor and subcontractors will start the project in February, pending the necessary approvals. “I’m proud to report that nearly all of our contracted service providers are locally-based,” he added.

Allied Specialty Foods is planning to move into its new manufacturing facility early in the 4th quarter of 2016.  “It’s an aggressive plan, but with very cohesive project management, we believe we can achieve this goal,” Litten said.

Allied’s core product line consists of thinly-sliced steak products including “Philly Steak” sandwiches, fajitas and other customized restaurant products. They supply their products to the three largest food distribution companies in the country, along with a number of “quick serve” restaurants.

“We see the steak sandwich market continuing to expand, especially among restaurants that currently provide hamburgers on their menus,” Litten said.  “Our expansion will help us keep up with the continued and increasing demand for these products.” Currently, Allied Specialty Foods distributes its products internationally, including distribution to Canada, Puerto Rico, and some foreign U.S. military bases including Afghanistan.

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