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The Authority’s First Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding Day of 2023 is a Success


by The Authority

MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY. (May 15, 2023) – The Authority hosted its first Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and Document Shredding event of 2023 on Saturday, April 15. Co-sponsored by the City of Millville, the Cumberland County Utilities Authority, and the Landis Sewerage Authority, the event was held at The Authority’s Solid Waste Complex located at 169 Jesse Bridge Road, Millville, NJ 08332.

Each year, The Authority hosts three Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding events. HHW and shred events provide Cumberland County residents with an opportunity to safely and properly dispose of their household hazardous waste as well as shred their personal and financial documents. Accepted items include materials such as oils, gas, antifreeze, batteries, cleaning and garden chemicals, oil-based paints, corrosives, propane tanks, fluorescent bulbs, and electronic waste.

At the April 15 event, a total of 657 Cumberland County residents attended the event, resulting in the proper disposal of 4.87 tons (9,731 pounds) of hazardous waste. In addition, 937 gallons of used oil and 50 gallons of antifreeze were collected, and 8.61 tons (17,220 pounds) of documents were shredded and recycled during the April event. A total of 3 tons (6,000 pounds) of electronic waste were collected, sorted, stacked, and shipped out to be recycled.

“Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding events are imperative for the proper disposal of household hazardous waste in Cumberland County. I would like to thank the residents, vendors, and staff for making it another successful event, and I look forward to the June 10 and September 16 events,” said Household Hazardous Waste and E-Waste Coordinator, Nathan Farrell.

The final Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding events of 2023 will take place on Saturday, June 10 and Saturday, September 16 from 8:00am until 2:00pm at The Authority’s Solid Waste Complex.

“The Authority continues to live out its mission of promoting environmental sustainability in Cumberland County. Events such as the Household Hazardous Waste and Document Shredding days are another example of The Authority striving to improve our tomorrow,” said Robert Nedohon, Board Chairman.

To facilitate collections between events, residents can dispose of electronic waste and used motor oil at their municipal drop off center and participating auto parts stores. For more information, visit

Freon, CFCs/refrigerators, air conditioners, coolers, tires, concrete, and wood are not accepted at Household Hazardous Waste events. Residents can properly dispose of them at the Solid Waste Complex for a fee, during normal business hours. Also not accepted is latex paint, which is water-based and non-hazardous. To properly dispose of latex paint, mix paint with clay-based kitty litter or Speedy Dry so the can is three-fourths full. Allow the paint/kitty litter or Speedy Dry mixture to absorb until it is no longer pourable. Replace the lid and dispose of the paint can with household trash.

For more information on proper household hazardous waste disposal, visit

In addition to its environmental related initiatives, The Authority is responsible for the development, financing and project management of projects and programs most vital to sustaining the economic and environmental future of Cumberland County and the state of New Jersey. The Authority works in tandem with the Cumberland County Board of Chosen County Commissioners to foster greater economic growth, business development and quality of life for all Cumberland County residents.

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