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Landfill Location and Operating Hours

SWC Begins Tipping in Newly Certified Cell 9


by The Authority

After much preparation, The Authority team is pleased to announce that Cell 9 is now open for tipping at the Solid Waste Complex. On January 26, 2021, at approximately 7:30am, C&H Disposal Service did the honors of emptying a front-load garbage truck into the new cell.

The newly certified cell is lined with a liner system that contains leachate (wastewater) from entering the ground. The leachate in the bottom of the new cell will be sent over to their on-site water treatment plant. The Authority is the only solid waste complex in the state of New Jersey with a direct discharge permit for treated leachate. The cell’s liner is protected by 18 inches of clean sand, allowing their bulldozer to maneuver and compact the soft waste without puncturing the liner.

The Authority’s team of employees in the cell consists of an experienced bulldozer operator and laborer. The operator will use the bulldozer to push and compact the soft trash across the cell until it reaches a height of five feet. Once a height of five feet has been reached, it is safe for the 120,000-pound compactor to enter the cell and begin compaction. Safety is the top priority at The Authority. The laborer in the cell is dressed in high visibility gear, with a hardhat with flashing lights, and is equipped with a radio system, always ensuring communication with the operator. The job of the laborer is to remove any wood, metal, or sharp objects from the cell that could possibly puncture the liner.

“After months of preparation, we are extremely excited to be disposing into our new cell. This will allow us to make operations more efficient and give the space needed to maintain the highest quality of workmanship our customers expect,” said Anthony Riviera, Director Solid Waste Complex.

Assistant Director of Landfill Operations, Sal DeFrancisco, commented, “We are excited about the opening of Cell 9. We are always excited to expand. With this new space, we will be able to enter the next phase of the landfill gas project on our existing landfill to benefit our powerplant. This opening has allowed multiple operator apprentices to experience operations on the work face and I am excited to see them develop into experienced operators.”

The Authority’s Solid Waste Complex hours of operation are Mon.—Fri. 7:30AM—3:30PM, Sat. 8:00AM—12:00PM, Sunday Closed.

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